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I wanted to send a quick thank you and recognition of  certain staff at Woodstock Rehab and Nursing. I have spent the last 25 years around many nursing homes with both grandmothers and now my mom. I notice when people are good at their job and go out of their way to help or connect with the residents or their family.

Sabrina has been great-I have called or talked to her a couple of times about something mom may need and she took care of it immediately. That is amazing service. No excuses…she just solves the problem and that means the world to me. I am often overwhelmed between a child with Spina Bifida and a mom with a lot of her own medical needs. I appreciate Sabrina’s caring, get it done attitude so much!

Tracy-the nurse often on the 400 hall. She went out of her way to be kind to me and my mom when we first arrived at the facility. She talks to the patients like people. She’s never rude or condescending and she cares. That means a lot to us all.

William-restorative therapy. I went with my mom to exercise class this morning at 10am. William is organized, has a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. My mom and I think he’s really great at his job. He was also gentle and caring with the patients and it showed.

Thank you for hiring and having people on your staff that care and give extra of themselves. As a family member, I know that is what helps me sleep at night and not worry so much about my mom.

We are grateful to be in a facility that has caring people. We know that rehab and nursing care is a difficult, overwhelming business and we appreciate all of your efforts.

Lorelei H.

Music & Memory certified 


To excel in Quality Health Care & Compassion with a commitment to care for our community.


  • Because we understand that it’s never easy to put the care of a loved one into the hands of others, we are always available to address family concerns. What’s more, we will always strive to provide an honest and realistic assessment of what new patients and residents and their families can expect upon moving to our facility.